Sunday, 6 February 2011


HALLS is a London based comedy series which will be premiered on spring 2011. Starring; Seon Lewis who plays Ben, Anthony Sorce who plays Steven and Simon Pollard who plays Joe. The show explores social influences on today’s generation and the first episode tells the story of the three boys as they start their first day of uni. We see the things they get up to and what they get their selves into.
Joe, a wealthy... 18 year old from Chelsea and considered a ‘nerd’ by Ben, is out of touch with his generation. He studies all day and all night and has no social life whatsoever. He dreams of successful female interaction but is yet to succeed. Will things change for him?

Steven is a long time friend of Joe’s. They both attended private school together until Stevens mum and dad divorced. He moved area and school, where he met Ben. He considers both of them great friends but is stuck in the middle as he tries to convince Ben to give Joe a chance. Will his efforts be enough? Or is this one friendship that can’t last?
Born in Peckham, Ben is what you call ‘street wise’. He knows the lingo and he knows how to act but he is seen as fake by others. He rambles on about experiences with girls, drugs and fights but no one takes him seriously- including Steven. With a new face around, he intimidates Joe and bullies him into doing things. Will Ben change his ways? Only time will tell…
Along the way they make two new female friends; these two sexy individuals are played by actresses, Jessica Palmer and Riquelle Hughes. Forming a new friendship Steven and Jessica take theirs to a new level. What exactly? You’ll have to check it out for yourselves!

written, directed, edited and starring: Seon Lewis and Anthony sorce

also starring,
Jessica Palmer
Riquelle Hughes
and Simon Pollard